AWDC informs banks at diamond financing seminar in Davos

Recently, in the margins of the World Economic Forum, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre set up a dedicated diamond-financing seminar in Davos, introduced by Flemish Minister President Mr Geert Bourgeois and attended by international financial institutions.

The initiative is part of a strategy to inform banks and key players in the financial sector on the specific dynamics and functioning of diamond financing. Today, a mere 5% of global financial institutions is involved in the niche market of diamond industry financing.

Apart from providing seminar participants more information on the strengths of Antwerp as the world’s leading diamond trade hub and the underlying dynamics of the global diamond industry from mine to finger, the seminar discussed the future outlook and challenges ahead, More


Four bourses, two initiatives, mutual support and promotion

Israel Diamond Exchange and Antwerp Diamond Bourse presidents express mutual support for individual marketing programs and efforts

Shmuel Schnitzer, President of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and Marcel Pruwer, President of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, issued a joint statement, expressing support of the marketing efforts bourses in Antwerp and Ramat Gan have developed locally.

The two presidents made the statement toward two distinct events that will take place in February - the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair which will run February 1-3, and the International Diamond week in Israel, which will be held February 8-12.

"The premise of our bourses' marketing efforts is the same," Schnitzer said. More



The De Beers Group of Companies recently announced the 2015 Forward Contract Sales (FCS) programme for its Auction Sales business. As a result of customer feedback, the new programme includes a number of changes from the programme first launched in 2014.

In response to customer demand for greater availability of Forward Contracts in the first half of the year and for increased range and quantity of products, a single FCS event will take place in March 2015.

At the event, registered customers will have the opportunity to bid for future supply of a wider range of products (from the +2 Cts, Grainers and Smalls categories), available in multiple-unit volumes and over one, two, three and four-cycle contract durations. More


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