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Global Gems and Jewellery sector is witnessing a trajectory that is poised to change the very essence of conventional methods of trade. While the US and Europe are still to come out of an unending slow down, the Eastern economies are becoming flag bearers for the industry as the trade sees a potential and growing market in countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan in the East along with Brazil and certain Southern American countries. Mining nations such as Zimbabwe, Angola, and Botswana etc are showing a bright potential bringing light to the dearth in Diamonds that the industry was facing. Lifting of European sanctions on Zimbabwe is in itself proof of the important role that Global gems and jewellery trade is envisaging from Southern African countries.

While businesses are moving from the West to the East, the Gulf region is playing a crucial role in becoming An ultimate facilitator for the industry. The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Lebanon and other markets in the gulf region are proving to be not only a fantastic marketplace, but also a most sought after gateway for easy flow of goods. High end infrastructure supported by free economic trade policies only shows the extent to which the Gulf has transformed. Billions of Dollars worth of Precious metals and Gemstones are sold and transported from the Gulf region to other parts of the world. Kudos to the Gulf jewellery industry members for their persistent efforts that has made the region an important hub for the world. It is this effort and perseverance that has groomed certain industry membersto lead the region in the respective trade that they specialise in and has in turn helped them to stand out among the many stalwarts to have been chosen as the ‘LEADERS OF THE GULF’.

Issue XXI 2014
The gulf has always had the identity of being foremost in Gold, Bullion and Jewellery, but lately as the transformation sets in more number of corporate are moving towards Diamond and Diamond jewellery. Dubai Diamond Exchange, part of the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre is going all out to woo the Mining fraternity, organising tenders and inducting members from the African Diamond industry into the board of DDE. The recent visit of H.E. Dr.Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe is in itself proof of the Multi Billion dollar trade transactions in Diamonds that Dubai and in turn the Gulf is envisaging.

The New Jeweller ‘Think Tank’ has been compiling and screening leading companies in the Gulf region to come out with a special edition showcasing the Leaders of the Gulf. Be it Gold Bullion, Gems stones, jewellery, education, grading or brands, the gulf is second to none. With unbelievable industry turn over ably supported by the trade friendly policies, the ‘leaders of the gulf’ have set benchmarks through their grit and determination to succeed. This issue also guides the trade to know more about the select companies and helps the industry to identify the valuable partners for business.

Issue XXI 2014
Emirates Gold

Quality Assurance with Cutting Edge Technology

Established in Dubai in 1992, Emirates Gold is a precious metal refinery which has played a pioneering role in the development of the gold and silver market in the Middle East. Through a number of key initiatives, such as its participation in the creation of standards like the 995 kilo bar standard and responsible sourcing practices, Emirates Gold has spearheaded the growth of the gold market in the region. The company’s strong reputation is the result of its personal attention to clients, incessant focus on quality, a diverse product range with high reliability, solid history and strong financials. Emirates Gold is a privately owned company built on more than half a century of experience from its founder Mohamad Shakarchi, who came to Dubai armed with the knowledge of gold making acquired in Switzerland. Equipped with state of the art machinery and know-how to match, Emirates Gold hasbecome a world class precious metal institution. The Company’s success originates from its expertise in refining, assaying, smelting and minting. In particular Emirates Gold is the first refinery in the Middle East to be granted the Dubai Good Delivery status as early as 2005. The company has adopted a focused approach towards its customers both in the services it provides and the high quality of products it delivers. The company has become the most accepted brand in the Middle East and India, for instance Emirates Gold bars are some of the few worldwide brands that are accepted on the Multi Commodities Exchange India Ltd (MCX).

The smelting and refining departments form the core of daily operations. The Company processes all types of gold from mined doré bars or scrap jewelry to higher purity gold. Clients are provided with flexibility, fast turnaround and competitive pricing. Casted gold bars are produced in various sizes from 1 kilogram (Middle East and Indian standard) to 400 ounces (London standard) with a purity of 995 to 999.9. Emirates Gold can also produce silver grains or bars of 999 purity ranging from 1 kilogram to 1,000 ounces in weight. Emirates Gold is the oldest and only sizable minting house in the Gulf. The core of its minting department was built using Swiss technology and expertise. Minting is available in both gold and silver and the quality of bars minted is unrivalled in the region. Minted products are available in the form of gold or silver investment bars among which the most sought after is the Emirates Gold Rose Design. These bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 100 grams and sold locally in the Souk and also internationally. Emirates Gold can also mint custom made products, such as coins, pendants or other shaped items utilizing the high quality skills of artists and engravers who work directly with clients to guarantee their satisfaction. The custom made minted gold, silver or gold plated products are perfect to celebrate occasions such as anniversaries, awards, college graduations, or any commemorative event. The Company’s list of clients spans a wide and international range from government entities to large corporations as well as smaller companies and individuals.

Issue XXI 2014
Emirates Gold is the first company in the region to offer clients the service of stone extraction refining which results in the electrochemical recovery of diamonds and other precious stones from jewelry scrap. The traditional and manual process of removing diamonds and gemstones from gold, silver or pave and cluster settings can be a timeconsuming process that often results in significant breakage. Emirates Gold has developed a state-of-the-art chemical processing facility that is capable of separating diamonds and other precious stones from jewelry in an efficient and safe manner with no breakage and loss. As part of the company’s refining services, gold and silver jewelry of different lots and sizes can be processed. The company has enjoyed exceptional long term loyalty of the outstanding talent and immense experience of some of the employees who have been part of the company since inception. This has allowed the company to retain essential skills, inimitable experience and comprehensive knowledge in diverse fields. All this has helped the company in building long term relationships with its customers and retaining their trust and loyalty. In addition to delivering high quality products to its customers,Emirates Gold is a market leader in sourcing of responsible gold. Buyers of gold and silver want some assurance that the metal they purchase is sourced legitimately and does not fund conflict (in areas such as some parts of central Africa) or support human rights abuse (such as child labor). In 2013, the company successfully passed a third party compliance audit in the first examination by auditors. This reinforces Emirates Gold position as a leader and provides client’s of Emirates Gold products an important level of comfort and assurance. The audit also concluded that the gold sourced by the company is conflict free and in line with the industry’s most stringent due-diligence requirements.

Dubai is already known as “The City of Gold” and the award of “Expo 2020” will further add to the lustre of Dubai’s Gold industry and business, Emirates Gold shares this vision by its steadfast endeavor towards providing highest quality products and services to its customers and looks forward to new goals and challenges that lie ahead.

Issue XXI 2014
Nadir Group

Globally acclaimed Precious Metals Partner

Nadir Group has been in the business of Precious Metals and services for the last 45 years and over time, has reached a level of perfection and excellence. Being a dynamic group Nadir believes in continuous innovation and development and with sincere efforts always strives to create value to its customers and business alike. Nadir processes more than 125 tonnes of Gold and 250 tonnes of Silver on an average in a year, thus setting a global benchmark. Nadir Group also boasts of cutting edge technology that helps in achieving finesse and highest quality to its products, thus making it a preferred supplier to the world. Through sincerity, honesty and trustworthiness, Nadir has reached an unbeatable reputation amongst its customers, clients and staff. Nadir is accredited with LBMA for Gold and Silver and is also member with the DMCC – Dubai, Istanbul Gold Exchange, and various Precious Metals Associates in the world. Nadir also has a 17025 accreditation certificate, ISO, OHSAS, and all other legal certificates and licenses needed. All this has added on to the trustworthiness that clients and customers have on Nadir Group.

Established in the year 1967 by Mr.Nadir Tutuncu with a modest 150 sq mtr area to hose a recycling unit.

Nadir Ticaret has been established in 1985 to be in the precious metals market in Grand Bazaar. Nadir Metal Rafineri San.Tic.Ltd.Sti. has been established in 1993. The fast capacity growing pushed us investing to the sector , in 1996 laid the foundation of first refinery in Turkey. In 1999,had been partnership with German company Degussa against technology "know-how" and Nadir - Allgemina has been established. All shares has been bought in 2001 and keep activities as a Nadir Metal Rafineri San.Tic.Ltd.Sti. In 2002 has been decided to extend the ompany and all basic investments are completed. In 2006, name of Nadir Metal Rafineri San.Tic.Ltd. Sti has been changed as a Nadir Metal Rafineri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.. Nadir Metal has been member of Istanbul Gold Exchange in 2008 and has been member of Dubai Gold Exchange in October 2009. Nadir Metal has been accredited of LBMA for gold in December 2011 and for silver in June 2012 which is the first accredited company for silver in Turkey. Today, we are in refining and laboratory services and beside those producing and trading precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium) also producing special collections of small gold, silver and platinum bars.


Nadir Foreign Exchange and Precious Metal, Inc. was established in 1997 and is a member of the Istanbul Gold Exchange with the number 076. Continuosly increasing its transaction volume at the Istanbul Gold Exchange, Nadir Foreign Exchange today ranks at the top in the silver market and amongst the top 10% in general. Speeding up its overseas operations in 2009, Nadir Metal established NADIR GOLD DUBAI company in 2010 as a result of an increase in the demand from the Middle East, following its listing on the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange. In 2011 our refinery has been admitted to the LBMA - London Bullion Market Association's Good delivery list of acceptable refiners for gold and in 2012 for silver. Along with this admittance our Euro Market operations increased and is still increasing with the establishment of Nadir Gold Italy. All these companies carry on the business on the sales and after sales services especially of "Nadir" branded gram bars.

Issue XXI 2014

“We strive to add value to our business, your business briefly to life”

In an era, in order to create added value in the global market you need to be able to present new strategies that make a difference. Because in this way we believe that we will be able to contribute added value to both ourselves, our employees, our business partners and our customers.

Alongside this strategy, by creating difference and contributing added value we know that we will be able to increase the quality and the growth rate of regional markets.

We offer a wide range of products, of which gold and silver are the main commodities. We have the ability to produce gold at a purity of 999.9. But we are well aware that the value of the product is not just determined by it's purity. Our only goal is to contribute added value by creating faultless products, using our quality standards at every stage of production. In order to show our production ability we have a system that strives for perfection from the 0.025 grams of gold bullion we produce, to a packaging system which meets the criteria of international security. With our high capacity distribution network and the fastest and most accurate way to resolve demands, at every stage our production is meticulously planned. In this way we produce perfect products which we put our signature to as well as contributing to the efficiency of our customers.

High Reliability

Nadir gold is certified with the stamp of Rare Metals Refinery at a purity of 99.5% and 99.9%. On the certificate you will be able to find the purity level of the gold, the weight, the serial number and the signature of the analyst confirming the accuracy of the information. The certificates we use for 0.025, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1 and 2.5 gram bullion we use 35 x 35mm size certificates, for 1 2.5, 10 and 20 gram bullion we use 85 x 55mm size landscape certificates and for 50 gram and 100 gram bullion we use 55 85mmsize certificates. You will be able to find a number of security features on every certificate. These are: Logos which are only visible under UV light, holograms, serial number which are found on the gold and match those on the certificate as well as internationally recognised product codes. These security features can be found on all our product certificates.

Gold Coins

Nadir Gold Coins are certified gold coins manufactured with a purity of 99,5% (24 carat), 91,6% (22carat) and 75% (18 carat) and bear the seal of Nadir Metal Refinery. The certificate indicates the purity grade and weight and bears the signature of the analyzer certifying the accuracy of the data specified, as well as several security points.

Gift Gold Coins

Nadir Gold Coins- gift items are certified gold coins manufactured with a purity of 99,5% (24 carat), 91,6% (22carat) and 75% (18 carat); with a weight of 0.50, 0.875, 1 and 2 gram and bear the seal of Nadir Metal Refinery.

Platin Bars (in gram sizes)

One ounce and 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 gram platinum bars with a purity of 999,5 were designed for those who want to make a difference. The certificate indicates the purity grade and weight and bears the signature of the analyzer certifying the accuracy of the data specified, as well as several security points.

Issue XXI 2014
Kaloti Precious Metals

Commitment to Highest International

Kaloti Precious Metals is one of the few global precious metals refineries and trading houses that provide a complete and comprehensive solution for precious metals industry includes specializing in everything from bullion, mined and scrap gold funding, assaying, refining, recovery of precious metals, right through to the finished products – whether commercial bullion and minted bars and coins, or beautifully handcrafted pieces of jewellery. We also offer a trading and brokerage function, as well as logistics services. Headquartered in the Emirate of Dubai in UAE and consolidated under the mantle of DMCC, Kaloti’s geographic footprint stretches from the Far East to the Americas. In addition to Dubai, Kaloti has presence in Sharjah, Hong Kong, Singapore, Istanbul, Miami, Suriname, and Peru. Kaloti has achieved significant milestones in its journey towards business excellence. Kaloti was founded in 1988 as a wholesale jewellery manufacturer. It opened its first shop in Dubai’s gold souk, buying locally available scrap jewellery and refining it into high-quality jewellery. From 1990 to 2000, Kaloti grew in size and scope by building a full scale refinery in the Emirate of Sharjah, expanding its regional network, and opening its bullion trading division.

In 2005, Kaloti was officially certified to produce and stamp its own 1 Kilo gold bars. Its entry into the investment bar market resulted in an increase in its refinery production and international expansion mainly including the Far East and the Americas. In 2010, Kaloti received Dubai Good Delivery (DGD) accreditation. Today, Kaloti’s refinery is accredited by Dubai Good Delivery and is fully compliant with DMCC and the OECD guidelines for responsible sourcing of precious Munir Kaloti metals. The Company has seats on COMEX (division of NYMEX), Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange (DGCX), Istanbul Gold Exchange (IGE), and Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKME).

Issue XXI 2014
It is also a member of the DMCC, DGJG and DGAG, IPMI and associated member of LBMA, affording Kaloti the highest international standards and best practice in the industry. Kaloti’s strength is in its ability to continuously adapt to the prevailing market conditions. In early 2013, it announced ground breaking precious metals and mint refineries in Dubai and Suriname. Construction has begun on both the refineries. The refinery in Dubai, upon completion in 2015, will be one of the world’s largest gold and precious metals refineries with a capacity of up to 1,400 tons of gold and 600 tons of silver as well as a mint house for ingots and coins. The plant in Suriname is part of a joint-venture with the Government of Suriname and the local gold traders and is expected to have an annual output of 60 tons when it is fully operational in 2016.

Kaloti Precious Metals stands committed to its expansion plans, market leadership position, and business excellence goals, which will be achieved by continuing to provide unparalleled customer service and the highest quality standards throughout all aspects of business operations.

Issue XXI 2014

Customising Solutions for Precious Metals Investment

Your Local Precious Metals Broker

“DHAB” DMCC- A name that reflects its meaning. DHAB is the Arabic name for Gold, and we are your local brokers to deal with Precious Metals in the heart of the Gulf- United Arab Emirates. DHAB is regulated by DMCCA (DUBAI MULTI COMMODITIES CENTER AUTHORITY) and is also a Member of DGJG (DUBAI GOLD AND JEWELRY GROUP) DHAB DMCC is also a member of DUBAI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and INDUSTRY. DHAB DMCC deals in physical gold and silver, along with providing customized solutions for physical Precious Metals investments. We offer our clients diverse services to buy/sell/store and even facilitate our clients to take the delivery of the physical Precious Metals through our online trading platform with the ease of a one click.

DHAB DMCC offers its clients different types of savings and investment plans which are all backed up by physical bullion bars and are adequately designed to match the budget and the requirement of different individuals. The most popular among them is the Full Settlement Account and the Provident Plan which are tailored to cater the requirements of medium to long-term investors. Provident Plan offers its clients easy investments tools, in a systematic way over a period of time to fulfill the requirements of their child’s education, retirement plan, and other futuristic mega budget plans. This plan has no limitations or hidden fees; the client can stop or amend the plan without extra charges or cost. The trading platform which is designed by DHAB DMCC is easy to use and does not require any software to be downloaded. The in-house research team of technical analysts, fundamental analysts, and bullion advisors are always available to clarify, and answer any customers’ enquiries. DHAB DMCC was established in the year 2013 under DMCCA. Founders of DHAB DMCC are a group of private investors who have an interest in the precious metals business for the past 30 years, a mix between investment bankers, technical analysts and gold traders who joined together to offer customized solutions to fulfill the needs of various customers across the globe, who have an interest to invest Precious Metals. The Managing Director (Co- Founder) of DHAB DMCC is Mr. Ahmad S. M. A Al Disi, a young entrepreneur and a dynamic professional, visionary and a business tycoon who established a career in the Precious Metals business in the Gulf Region. Mr. Al Disi was able to service the hard in a dynamic market such as the United Arab Emirates, through a solid educational background in the field of Finance and risk management from the University of North Carolina Charlotte- USA. A banking professional background, and hands on experience. As a young entrepreneur who was trained and coached by professionals in the field of trading in Precious Metals, brokers and bankers with over 30 years of experience, enabled him to build a name for his business in the UAE market to fulfill the needs of various customers with customized solutions of great qualitative and quantitative measures. “At DHAB DMCC we provide exceptional services to our clients at competitive prices, while maintaining transparency, security, and trust. Our business philosophy core is based on ethical

Issue XXI 2014
practices and transparency in all our dealings. At DHAB DMCC we always deliver what exceeds our customer expectations.” Said Mr. AL DISI. Those measurements translated into an annual turnover of more than 50 Million USD in its first year of operations, out of which 10 Million USD of bullion bars have been delivered to DHAB DMCC customers.

DHAB DMCC Executive Management

One of the Pillars of DHAB DMCC successes is the diverse Human Capital associated with the organization. The Operations and Accounts Department is headed by Mr.Amer Amireh who holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and was educated at New York Institute of Technology- (NYIT). Mr.Amireh is a very composed professional who carries out all activities related to the business in an efficient manner to exceed the expectations of the customers while being a solid team player within his department and a great leader and influencer across the various departments within DHAB DMCC. Mr.Nitin Mukesh who is heading the Business Development Department of DHAB DMCC, is another influential leader, and a global thinker within his department who believes that building a niche for the business in the diversified bullion market and thinking outside the box will generate greater percentile of satisfaction to DHAB’s customers.

Mr.Mukesh is a finance alumni of Coventry University, U.K.- extensive knowledge in the financial markets and specialties in financial planning, allowed him to be of an asset to the organization, and adding value while working in joint forces with Mr. Amireh in the framing of the expansion strategies and innovative marketing plan for DHAB DMCC in the Gulf Region. DHAB’s head offices are based in Dubai- United Arab Emirates, along with a representation office in Kuwait.

Future Plans

After the overwhelming response from the Indian Investors and jewelers, DHAB DMCC has decided to start up their sales office in the financial hub of India i.e. Mumbai in the near future. Along with a symmetrical plan to start operations in Dammam-Saudi Arabia, and a full operational branch in Amman-Jordan, to be able to assist current clients in those areas. The management and the board of directors have decided to spread its wings into the field of minting with the establishment of a minting facility under the name of MINTING CORP. in Dubai-United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Minting Corp. will be a fully owned subsidiary of DHAB DMCC with a paid capital of about 1Million USD, and will be one of UAE's most modern, elite, private mints, producing customized bullion bars, medallions, coins and medals for a wide range of clients across the globe from its facility in Dubai- UAE.

DHAB DMCC is in the process of acquiring the best equipped machinery from across the globe for the Minting Corp. Minting Corp. this will enable the business to mint bullion bars and coins ranging from one Gram to One kilogram, to meet the needs of a wider platform of clientele.

Issue XXI 2014
Al Etihad Gold

Partnering Clients for the Future

Al Etihad Gold is a brand of quality, trust and value that can be summarized by its achievements. In terms of quality, Al Etihad Gold holds accreditations and certificates with the highest international standards covering its products, services, management system, environment, occupational health and safety and its laboratory and testing capability. Al Etihad Gold’s gold and silver products are Dubai Gold Delivery accredited and holds certificate for 1kg gold bar of minimum 995.0 purity & 1kg gold bar of minimum 999.9 purity, standard large silver bar ranging from 900- 110 ounces of a minimum of 999.0 fineness and silver grains of 2 – 20mm diameter & packaged as per DGD rules. Dubai Good Delivery is an important standard as it fills in the gap in the market for accrediting refineries with smaller bars. It is tailored to the Middle East and Asian Market and takes care of important synergies as with the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX). The company holds ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The company is also the first Gold and Silver refinery in the region to be accredited by ISO/EIC 17025:2005 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

Al Etihad Gold is a truly trusted brand. The company completed the Responsible Sourcing Audit by one of the most famous international auditing company that issued their Assurance Report alongside to its Compliance Report. Its Supply Chain Policy is in line with the OECD, DMCC, and LBMA Guidance. Al Etihad Gold played a pioneering role in educating bullion traders, jewellery wholesalers & manufacturers and even retailers in its region on adapting and implementing the above

Issue XXI 2014
mentioned guidance. The Compliance Department offers assistance to all its counter parties on conducting due diligence by cross checking their suppliers through an advance software solution and gives them recommendations 12 hours a day 6 days a week without extra cost. The value of Al Etihad Gold comes from its valued clients and future potential clients and that is the reason why the management always welcomes new ideas that will be beneficial to both parties. Al Etihad Gold believes that all its clients are partners to all future plans. The new born refinery had rise on its area in DMCC Free zone. The factory that will be furnished with state of the art equipments and machineries combined with highly committed workforce and expert management will create a significant breakthrough in the refining industry of the world. Its sophisticated design increased refining capacity and new value added products and services will accommodate all its clients’ requirements.

Al Etihad Gold is inspired from Dubai City of Gold development with all regards to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who made the Arabs or even foreigners/expatriates working in Dubai to always think as being the first rank in the world. Al Etihad Gold has a strong drive to have its share of achievement and be a part and contribute to that development.

Issue XXI 2014

Forward Integration Company with a
   robust online trading Platform

Gold AE is incorporated in the UAE and is an award winning business house specializing in the online trading of deliverable Gold and Silver. It is licensed by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) which is a Government’s initiative to monitor and facilitate commodities trading in the region. Gold AE is led by an experienced management team with significant industry experience in the trading of precious metals, with the business well positioned to capitalize on the significant growth opportunities that exist in its target market. According to the DMCC, in 2013, almost 40 per cent of the world’s physical gold trade came through Dubai with the value of total gold traded through growing from $6 billion in 2003 to $75 billion last year with Dubai internationally recognized as a strategic hub between producing and consuming nations. In addition to its presence in Dubai, Gold AE has branches in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Jordan, Turkey, Switzerland and affiliations in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Gold AE owns a majority stake in GOLDBANK S.A.C, a Peruvian entity which holds a license to explore a series of five mining concessions in Peru.

Gold AE recently announced a strategic partnership with Gold to go, the worldwide pioneer in direct sales of gold and silver via vending machines. Under the collaboration, Gold AE has obtained the right to manage and supply gold to these unique vending machines in the UAE and is in line with the company’s goal to promote the use of technology in the trading of precious metals. Gold AE is a subsidiary of Gold Holding which is also incorporated in Dubai and regulated by the Dubai International Financial Centre. Through its complimentary businesses Gold Holding offers a fully integrated ‘gold service’ from the mining and refining of precious metals direct through to the distribution of bullion; coins and bars for example, all supported by Gold AE’s online trading platform. This trading technology can also be ‘white labelled’ for institutions, banks and brokerages with ‘gold standard’ protection for trading customers.

For more details and information on Gold AE’s products and services please visit www.goldae.com

Issue XXI 2014

Issue XXI 2014

Issue XXI 2014
Joy Alukkas

Commitment of Quality & Customer

Joy Alukkas, followed in his visionary fathers footsteps and expanded the ‘Joyalukkas’ name to a global level. His father Varghese Alukkas started his first jewellery showroom way back in 1956 and since then Joy Alukkas has made ‘Joyalukkas’ an household name around the world. Joy Alukkas took his first step by setting a jewellery showroom in UAE in the year 1987, and has not looked back since then. Today Joyalukkas is a multibillion global conglomerate, which has been achieved under his vision and direction in a span of merely two decades and with the single-minded dream to consolidate Joyalukkas’ position as the world’s favourite jeweller. Under his leadership, Joyalukkas became the first jewellery chain to be awarded both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Joy Alukkas’s enterprising spirit has won him various accolades and recognition, including Best Retailer of the Year, Middle East from Retail ME. His CSR initiatives has also won him recognition like winning at the Best Practice Conference - 2009 for “My0.50” initiative”.

The Group has grown with 10 million customers and employs a highly committed and satisfied team of over 6000 people in ten countries, namely UAE, India, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The phenomenal success of Joyalukkas has been driven by an unstinting commitment to quality & customer satisfaction, a fact that has been widely recognised. Joy Alukkas, has also been recognized by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President & Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, under the Dubai Quality Awards program for creating and maintaining international standards across all its business operations and departments. Two of the most prestigious titles Joy won, has been the Superbrand status 5 years in a row, Consumers Choice Award and NRI Retailer Award of the Year and the Middle East Retailer of the Year award. Joy Alukkas’s success is the result of his forethought. In 1987 he flew to UAE to explore the untapped market and little did he realize that he was going to change the way the

Issue XXI 2014
world looked at jewellery. He set up his first shop in Abu Dhabi followed by Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ras al- Khaimah. The expansion since then has continued to rope in countries like India, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The phenomenal success of his various innovative concepts and business ventures has proved his foresight and business acumen. The Joyalukkas Group today is involved in various businesses like other than jewellery around the world like Money Exchange, Luxury Aviation, Malls, Fashion and Silks & Realty. The Joyalukkas Money Exchange is one of the most popular money exchange service provider in the UAE, Oman and Kuwait and is expanding at a quick pace to cater to the needs of the vast expatriate population of the GCC. The group has also expanded the Money Operations to India and plans to venture into other GCC countries in the immediate future. Joy Alukkas is building his own malls under a unique ‘celebration’ concept called “Mall of Joy”. Mall of Joy will be the first mall in India to cater to all the celebration requirement of a shopper. Be it weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, festivals or parties, Mall of Joy will have the retail mix to offer a wide range of choice for all celebrations. Today Joy Alukkas has created a multi- billion dollar conglomerate and his phenomenal success has also been acknowledged by the Forbes magazine who has recently listed him in theirIndia’s Rich list as well as in the magazines World’s Billionaire’s list. With the clear vision of ‘Enhancing People’s Lifestyle’ Joy Alukkas is determined to reside in the heart of every discerning consumer around the world with one of his innovative and dynamic business offerings.

Issue XXI 2014
Taiba Jewellery

Exquisite Craftsmanship to achieve design

Seeded in the dream ‘City of Gold’, Taiba Jewellery came alive in the famous Dubai Gold Souk in 1998. Over the years our unique designs have won the hearts of locals and visitors from different parts of the world. Today, we have a special place in the hearts of Middle Eastern women because Taiba is the brand they seek, the brand that creates magic with our founders having a heritage of over 40 years of authentic Middle Eastern Jewellery crafting experience. Each piece is a unique work of art crafted in the Arabian soil, at the heart of Dubai by skilled artisans. We have two manufacturing units in the UAE with over five hundred well experienced craftsmen. Taiba is a name that has been etched forever in the books of history, awarded and recognized by The Guinness book of World Records for creating the world’s heaviest 18kt gold ring. Closely foreseeing market trends, we understand that diversification is the key to satisfy growing demands within the industry. Hence, our focus is to constantly innovate & increase production range. Offering variety to the region’s multicultural customer requirements, we present an array of gold jewellery set with cubic zirconia (CZ), diamonds and other precious stones.


Our mission is to deliver long term growth and performance to our valued shareholders by maintaining our top position in the market and manufacturing the most superior quality gold jewellery. We aim to sustain our market leadership by excellence in customer relations in terms of diversified product options & service levels. We seek to maintain our competitive edge by being the epitome of innovation, excellence and goodwill in the industry.

Craftsmanship & design.

First class craftsmanship, excellent design and a keen eye for production quality come together, making Taiba a prominent manufacturer of gold jewellery in the region. Over the last 35 years, our level of expertise has made Taiba succeed as the leading organization for gold design and craftsmanship in parts of Asia and all over the Middle East. From traditional handcrafting to latest digital technologies, we are equipped with a team of highly committed creative design experts along with the best instruments & machinery that work together to produce hundreds of exquisite jewellery collections every year.

Issue XXI 2014
Our designs in 18kt and 21kt solid gold adorn women in the form of rings, bracelets, bangles, wedding bands, full sets, pendant sets, necklaces and chains. For those who want to take it one step further, we also craft bespoke designer belts, crowns, gold clothing and accessories. Geographic Sales distribution Apart from UAE, our sales currently cover parts of The Gulf Countries, Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Each region has its own distinct culture, traditions, occasions, designs and budgets to match. To meet these diversities we identify and cater to specific market segments by offering many choices in white or yellow gold jewellery where buyers can select between CZ, precious stones or diamonds available in both 18kt and 21kt options.

Market share

Our goal is to consistently gain market share by entering new markets and diversifying within their segments. We have achieved this goal between 2012 and 2013 wherein we successfully gained market share by 3.25% moving up from 18.75% to 22.00% this year. By 2014, our forecast is to be reigning over 23% of the relative segment market share.

Issue XXI 2014

Remarkable Journey of Expansion & Success

Imseeh’s unique range of top of the line products features fine diamonds, yellow and white gold, semi precious stones and pearls, mastering the latest jewelry design techniques. lmseeh produces the finest jewelry pieces incorporating different stones in sophisticated twists and multi-dimensional shapes that shine with simplicity yet singularity. Karam lmseeh and his five sons: Osama, Ramzi, Samer, Fadi and lhab, and daughter Lina are the legend behind the largest goldsmith and supplier in Jordan. Added to their experience in art of goldsmith and diamond jewelry, their knowledge of the local and international markets and their prestigious certificates in diamond grading and gemology paved the path for today's success.

Since 1955 Karam Imseeh started developing his knowledge in the field of Jewelry design manufacture and trade mastering the basic guide lines and techniques of the industry by observing his employer during day time and practicing what he have learned at home.
  • 1957 and after sufficient mentorship, the young innovator started crafting gold pieces in his own house employing two workers. He created beautiful pieces and sold them to small shops around town.
  • In 1960 business flourished and the manufacturing and production of gold increased. Karam lmseeh employed 12 craftsmen and began his journey as an ambitious and professional jeweler.
  • In 1962 Karam lmseeh partnered with Nour Manessa and opened his first shop in Down Town Amman specialized in manufacture retail and wholesale of jewelry. His familiarity with regional markets tastes and trends made Karam Imseeh the first wholesaler exporting to Palestine and Egypt, in addition to dealing with diamond jewelry.
  • In 1974 marked the inauguration of Imseeh’s second joint shop in near the Gold Shop.
  • In 1976 Karam lmseeh separated from his partner and independently owned the shop near the Gold Shop in down town. Imseeh's name has emerged to become a pioneering jewelry brand in Jordan standing for creativity and sophistication.
  • In 1982 Karam lmseeh opened his second retail shop in the heart of the Gold Souk, marking the beginning of the fruitful relationship with a wide base of customers in Jordan, and laying the foundations for the Imseeh unique and well -established customer-centric approach.
  • The year 1983 marks the commencement of specialization in the whole sales industry and separating the wholesale business from retail business by opening a floor dedicated for wholesale.
  • In year 1985 business kept flourishing and the small shop ones run by the accomplished father become the Imseeh group of stores with the opening of three more stories in the heart of the Gold Souk in Amman in 1985.
  • In 1986 lmseeh merged its three stores in the Gold Souk.

Issue XXI 2014
  • In 1987, mastering the wholesale business in Jordan, Karam lmseeh entered partnerships with 5 retail shops in Amman, under their own brand names.
  • In 1990 lmseeh established the biggest gold factory in the Kingdom.
  • In 1997 lmseeh inaugurated another retail show room in Um Uthaina's modern Gold and Diamond District up holding extensive and exclusive diamond operations. Karam lmseeh five skilled sons and daughter consolidated Imseeh's leading position in the Jordanian market being certified diamond graders who revealed a scientific and scholarly approach to the business. This year also featured the inauguration of the lmseeh Diamond factory.
  • In 2002 with the remarkable expansion of business Imseeh doubled the size of the Um Uthaina showroom introducing wide and diversified ranges of collections and creations.
  • In 2005 "Karam lmseeh Award for Jewelry Design" was launched. This unique initiative aims at supporting local talents and motivating their abilities to be creative and innovative, in addition to building their artistic capacities and giving them the chance to tell their stories and present Jordan through the art of jewelry design. The award ceremony was attended by representatives from World Gold Council and the HRD.
  • In 2006 the lmseeh continued their journey as responsible jewelers in Jordan, introducing sophisticated artistic taste in the industry of jewelry - making, and more importantly noble values of giving back to their society and embracing the needs of the less advantaged by launching the lmseeh clinics known as St. Luke Medical Charity clinic hiring a skilled staff by establishing lmseeh clinics, offering free medical consultancy to all patients. Imseeh clinics aim at reaching all less fortunate Jordanians and non- Jordanians, who are in need for proper medical care for nominal fees (for the capable people).
  • In 2007, lmseeh hosted the World Diamond Council for the 2nd time in Jordan by holding a one-of-a-kind celebration in Amman. This spectacular event gave Imseeh's valued customers the chance to meet the experts in this filed. The year 2007 also witnessed the commencement of the renovation process for the Um Uthaina showroom, which became one of the biggest jewelry boutiques in the Middle East region.

It is a story of success, a story of how skilled hands were able to crave and craft a legacy for generations to come. In 1957, and within the walls of his home in old Amman, a young innovator began crafting gold with his own two hands. He created beautiful pieces and sold them then to small shops around town. In no time, Karam Imseeh, along a growing staff of twelve craftsmen became the workforce of what is to become one of the first jewelry showrooms in the heart of the Gold Souk, downtown Amman.

Business kept flourishing and the small shop once run by accomplished father became the lmseeh group of companies owned and run by Karam lmseeh and his five sons.

Issue XXI 2014
Faisal A.Al-Fares and Sons

A Legacy in the Business of Jewellery

Mr. Faisal Abdullah Alfares’ passion for precious stones drove him to achieve uniqueness and superiority among others. His selection of some of the largest gemstones has played a major role in highlighting his name. In addition to his achievements, Mr. Faisal Alfares has insisted to involve his sons to be a part of the jewelry world just like their grandfather ( Abdulah Abdulmohsen Alfares) and ancestors. Mr. Abdulah Alfares, the biggest son of Mr. Faisal Alfares, has joined his father after he has achieved educational accomplishments including jewelry studies. Mr. Abdulaziz Alfares the second son of Mr. Faisal Alfares and the executive manager of Aljawhara jewelry expeditions, has specialized in luxury watches and gemstones during his educational studies. After degree in jewelry design, Abdulwahab Alfares who is the youngest son is now the manager of Aljawhara workshop in where large jewelry pieces get designed and manufactured (like wedding jewelry sets). Jewelry is manufactured in the workshop by expert jewelers using the best machines and technical equipments. Starting from 1 carat up to 100 carats per pieces are made at Al Jawahra workshop. This workshop opens the doors to all the large diamonds collectors.

Issue XXI 2014
Pure Gold Jewellers

125 stores in 10 countries and Growing

Pure Gold Jewellers is an award winning jewellery retailer recognised for excellent customer service. It is now one of the fastest growing jewellery brands with 125 stores in ten countries. Pure Gold Jewellers is a recipient of the "Best Service Performance Brand" award in the large business category for five years - 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2011 2012 and 2012-2013 - under the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES) of the Dubai Department of Economic Development. The company also topped in the 'Best Customer Service' category in the UAE jewellery sector in an annual study by international consultancy Ethos Consultancy for the year 2009 and 2010.Pure Gold Jewellers has been consistently ranked as a Superbrand by UAE Superbrand Council for five consecutive years since 2009.
For further information please visit: www.pugold.com

Issue XXI 2014

Securitising the Gems & Jewellery Business

“Transguard” a division of The Emirates Group, is Dubai’s leading security company which provides secured logistics solutions including Cash-in-Transit, Cash Management, ATM Management, Guarding, Warehousing and International Transportation of Diamonds, Jewellery, Gold Bullion, Bank Notes and Diplomatic Mail. Hand-carry passenger assistance, airside security monitoring and escorting and specialized customs clearance are also the core activities of Transguard. With +1200 specialized staff and a fleet of +300 secured trucks which are in compliance with the standards of Private Security Business Department (PSBD) and Department of Protective Systems (DPS), Transguard is able to cater to all customers within the United Arab Emirates. The Head Quarters of Transguard is commissioned in Dubai Airport Free Zone with branch offices in Dubai Gold Souk, Jumeirah Lake Towers and Abu Dhabi. Specializing in handling of “valuables” Transguard is the only nominated security agency approved by the authorities of Dubai Airport, to manage the physical movement of Valuable Cargo imported, exported or transiting through Dubai Airports. As at present more than 125 airlines are operating out of Dubai’s airport’s and Transguard provides security services for all valuables carried by these airlines. To ensure high levels of security and fast track the clearance process, Transguard has established a purpose built Cargo Terminal which caters to the storage & distribution of valuable cargo via Dubai Airports. A one-stop-shop, this facility is supported by the presence of Dubai Customs, Dubai Police and the Kimberley Process Certification Authority. This state-of-the-art terminal is TAPA Air Cargo Security Standards (TACSS) certified. In addition to this, Bureau Veritas has also certified our Management System to be of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001-2004, ISO 28000:2007 and OHSAS 18001-2007 standards. A sizeable volume of +72,000 shipments with weights surpassing +4,500 tons are handled by Transguard on a yearly basis, through this terminal. Backed by 215 aircraft of Emirates, connecting 142 destinations across six continents, Transguard is able to connect to almost every key sector on the globe. “Dubai” being an international hub for trading into precious metals, diamonds & Jewellery and cash, Transguard stays committed to facilitate the trade by quick turn-around times. The initiatives of Transguard are well supported by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group, Dubai Customs and the Ministry of Interior.

The customers serviced by Transguard include Airlines, Cargo Agents, Financial Institutions, Exchange Houses, Diamond & Jewellery Wholesalers, Traders of Precious Metals and Embassies.

Issue XXI 2014
GIA: Benefitting the gem and jewellery industry in the Middle East

Dubai, along with other locations in the Middle East, has gained worldwide recognition as a diamond trading and retail centre. The region today serves as a gateway between the mature gem and jewellery markets of the west and the emerging markets of the east. This progress has created exciting new career opportunities, ranging from retail, manufacturing, wholesale and more. For the region’s industry professionals and consumers, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) provides the knowledge and tools needed to make use of these opportunities. Named as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014, GIA is recognized by many as the world’s foremost authority in gemmology through gem-related education, research and laboratory services.

GIA Grading Reports and Laboratory Services

GIA’s Grading and Identification Reports are independent third-party assessments (not affiliated with any retailer or manufacturer) of a gemstone’s quality. They provide a detailed analysis of whether the stone is natural or not, and whether it has undergone any treatments. “When a customer walks into a store to buy their favourite gemstone, their biggest concern, perhaps, is its authenticity and quality,” says Nirupa Bhatt, managing director of GIA in India and the Middle East, “GIA reports detail this information, helping both the buyer and seller maintain a transparent and confident dialogue.” GIA’s intake centre at Dubai’s Jumeirah Lake Towers receives diamonds, coloured stones and pearls from across the major trade centres in the Gulf region. Services include diamond grading, coloured diamond grading, laser inscription, diamond sealing service and gemmological identification of coloured gems and pearls. The Institute also runs a free pick-up and delivery service for local Dubai clients who can submit stones through a dedicated logistics company.

Leading the way in Detection of Synthetics:

As part of its public benefit mission, GIA recently provided its DiamondCheck device to the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), a subsidiary of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) for detection of synthetic diamonds. A latest technology in synthetic detection, DiamondCheck operates with GIA-developed software to identify natural, untreated diamonds in the D-to-N range and refer diamonds that are potentially synthetic or treated for further gemmological examination. The device is being made available to members free of charge.

Education Services

GIA offers world-class training in fields such as gemmology, retail and design. The Institute’s curriculum translates the latest gem research into practical, hands-on skills sets that gem professionals can use on a daily basis. GIA has trained more than 325,000 professionals and consumers throughout the world. “GIA alumni across the globe hold influential positions all along the global gem and jewellery pipeline as gemmologists, jewellery designers, entrepreneurs, buyers, graders, retailers, and more. A GIA education provides recognition and respect,” adds Bhatt.

Issue XXI 2014
GIA graduates, today hold key positions at Dhamani Group, Damas, Levant, Zainal Jewellers, Rosy Blue, Dimexon, Tiffany & Co and Christie’s to name a few.

Outreach across GCC

GIA has expanded its outreach to students, business owners and professionals in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and United Arab Emirates. The Institute’s renowned Graduate Diamonds Diploma programme is now available in Dubai and other major trade centres across the region. GIA’s Accredited Jewellery Professional diploma brings established retail and sales skills to professionals, while the SWIFT Jewellery Design programme provides a basis for jewellery designers. The Institute’s lab classes - specialising in diamonds, coloured stones and pearls - are shorter practical courses that help students master GIA’s universally accepted grading systems. One can choose a course that suits their interest or lifestyle.

Customised Training for Companies

“Each business is different and has its nuances. We believe that customised training can make a positive impact,” says Bhatt. “At GIA, we customize programmes based on a complete understanding of the company’s business. Topics range from basic understanding of gems and sales excellence techniques to gemmological advancements.” So far, many companies including Dubai Duty Free, Maison Van Cleef & Arpels, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Cetas in Turkey, Devji Aurum in Bahrain have benefitted from GIA’s customised training for their employees and clients.

Connecting with Local Educational Institutions, Trade and Government Bodies

“We believe there is a wide scope for gem and jewellery education in the region. I’ve met many people in the course of my travels to the GCC that have shown a lot of interest in our education,” Bhatt continues. “GIA provides relevant vocational education that can translate into employment opportunities. We are pleased to have the support of local institutions like Tamkeen in Bahrain and the Istanbul Kemerburgaz University (IKU) in Turkey.” Over the years, GIA has also forged meaningful relationships with many trade associations that work at a grassroots level and continuously educate their members. “We work closely with the Dubai Pearl Exchange, the DMCC, Dubai Gold and Jewelry Group and the Ministry of Industry & Commerce - Kingdom of Bahrain, Gem & Pearl Testing Laboratory - Bahrain and Jewellery Exporters' Association of Istanbul. The idea is to create awareness about new challenges facing the trade, such as the latest technologies, new gemstone treatments, simulants and synthetics,” added Bhatt.

Outreach through Trade and Consumer Shows

Trade shows are a platform to network, exchange ideas and explore opportunities to work with other businesses. At these shows, GIA conducts seminars and workshops on a variety of interesting and relevant topics for industry members and consumers alike. The Institute participates at leading trade shows in the region including the Dubai International Jewellery Week, Abu Dhabi Jewellery & Watch Show, Jewellery Arabia, Doha Jewellery & Watch Exhibition, Istanbul Jewellery Show, Jewellery Salon and more.

“GIA’s name is synonymous with quality and consistency, and the Institute is committed to serving the gem and jewellery industry in the Gulf region for the times to come,” concludes Ms. Bhatt.

For more information on GIA’s activities in the Middle East, please visit www.giamideast.com or email to giamideast@gia.edu. For specific lab or education inquiries, email labme@gia.edu /edume@gia.edu.

Issue XXI 2014
Expo Centre Sharjah

Making Sharjah the International hub for
  Gems & Jewellery

Promising an unparalleled treat to connoisseurs of gold and diamond jewellery, the 36th MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show is set to get under way at Expo Centre Sharjah from April 29 to May 3, 2014. From latest trends and superior creations to customised jewellery and designer works, the most popular jewellery show of its kind in the region is poised to showcase designs that tell a story, express an emotion, create a mood or capture a moment. “When it comes to finest gold and diamond jewellery, you can be assured that there is no parallel for the MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show in the region. The past 35 successful editions of the show is a testimony to this fact. This time, once again, we are featuring one of the largest jewellery showcases in the region that will present jewellery works from across the world,” said Mr Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO, Expo Centre Sharjah. The show is held under the patronage of His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah.

Jewellery lovers will be spoilt for choice as nearly 450 jewellers from more than 20 countries will be displaying gold & diamond jewellery, precious & semi-precious stones, pearl sets, gemstones and branded watches at 20,000 sq metres of exhibition space. “Expectations are always high with MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show. As we have regular buyers from royal families, high-income groups and those who settle for nothing but the best, this time too we are bringing together leading jewellery makers from countries that are known for superior jewellery manufacturing and well-known designers and master jewellers,” added Mr Midfa. Visitors can also find a wide range of signature creations, traditional, rare and ethnic works famed for their craftsmanship from several countries. “Jewellery lovers as well as traders can expect the arrival of brand new creations from leading design houses that could well set the trends for the rest of the year and next. Knowing well the affinity of the region for all things gold and diamond, the diversity of the customer base and their varied tastes and styles, exhibitors will have one of the most extensive ranges of jewellery items on display,” said Mr Mohamed Amjed, Project Manager of the MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show. Most jewellers are likely to focus on customizing the pieces to their clients’ needs, and encourage customers to select materials, colours and embellishments based on individual tastes, making them truly personal and special. Adding exclusivity to the show is the impressive presence of National Pavilions. This time, Hong Kong-China, India, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore will have National Pavilions, showcasing the biggest names in jewellery from those countries and their most exquisite and intricately crafted

Issue XXI 2014
India will have largest pavilion among them with 61 exhibitors, while Hong Kong will feature 58, Thailand 35, Lebanon 23, Italy 25 and Singapore, Malaysia and China will host 14 exhibitors in each of their pavilion. Connoisseurs of the elegant Ploi Thai brand of high quality gemstones produced in Thailand are in for a treat. The Ploi Thai Fashion Show, which will be held for the third consecutive time, will feature top models from Thailand presenting creations from leading Thai manufacturers under the brand ‘Ploi Thai’. It will be organized by Vega Intertrade & Exhibition in cooperation with Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA). Another special attraction will be the daily raffle draw that offers fabulous prizes. On every purchase of Dhs 500, visitors will have the chance to qualify for raffle draw. The Hong Kong Pavilion will too give away prizes to visitors. The show will be open to general visitors from 12noon to 10pm daily, and from 4pm to 10pm on Friday. Exclusive timings for ladies are on April 30 from 12 noon to 4pm. The previous edition of the show held at Expo Centre Sharjah from October 1 to 5, 2013, attracted nearly 55,000 visitors. The 36th MidEast Watch & Jewellery Show will be organized by Expo Centre Sharjah with the support of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry from April 29 to May 3, 2014. Exhibitors from Bahrain, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong , India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, USA, UAE & Yemen will display gold and diamond jewellery, diamonds, precious stones, loose pearls, pearl sets and watches at nearly 20,000 sq m of exhibition space.

Issue XXI 2014
Oman International
 Exhibition Centre -

Prepares for the 5th International Jewellery

A world of glittering opportunities is set to be unveiled at the 5th International Jewellery Exhibition (MIJEX), the Sultanate’s only dedicated jewellery event from 26th -30th May 2014 in Muscat. MIJEX is being organized by Oman International Exhibition Centre (OIEC). A treasury of the most exquisite jewellery, fashioned by some of the most accomplished designers, will be showcased during the five day event. A dazzling display of the finest gold, silver and diamonds, as well as precious stones, natural pearls and beads, will provide a rare glimpse of the rich artistry at the heart of each international collection on display. MIJEX presents a lucrative opportunity to understand present and future trends in the industry, learn about innovative retail strategies and examine some of the latest merchandising techniques used for achieving success. MIJEX will provide the ideal platform for businesses with an ambitious agenda for the future, and also for those who are keen on exploring new markets and expanding their client base. MIJEX will emerge as a key destination for those seeking a global platform for their organization. Apart from being Oman’s most prestigious Gem & Jewellery event, MIJEX is geared towards carving out a leadership role in the region and eventually becoming a hub for jewelers worldwide to mingle with fellow jewelers and interact with patrons and competitors. Oman International Exhibition Centre (OIEC) is the chosen venue for the prestigious International Jewellery Exhibition (MIJEX), which will take place from 26th -30th May 2014. The spectacular OIEC is a world-class venue offering the most convenient and most flexible facilities for events of any size or scope. Since its inception in 1985, OIEC has achieved excellence in every area of its operations, and has successfully hosted numerous large scale exhibitions and trade fairs. OIEC’s credentials have been firmly established as one of the most trusted names in the region. As a result, it has attracted thousands of satisfied visitors. OIEC is spread across 12,000 square metres of open space that can be utilised to accommodate exhibitions, conferences, seminars and even concerts. It incorporates advanced infrastructure and state-ofthe-art technologies to create greater efficiency and smoother operations at every step of the way. OIEC is located close to the Muscat International Airport, and is about 35 km away from downtown Muscat.

Issue XXI 2014
IGI's supreme position in the gemological world is no coincidence

IGI is the largest organization of its kind, with operating laboratories & offices in Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Los Angeles, Kolkata, New Delhi, Thrissur, Surat, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. The IGI School of Gemology are located in Antwerp, Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Dubai, Roma, Ascoli Piceno, Trecastagni, Cavalese, Marcianise and are offering a variety of courses designed for professionals and consumer enthusiasts alike. It is the result of continuous research, support and synergy with professionals and consumers alike. Around the world, IGI certificates bring confidence when buying or selling diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. Total commitment to understanding consumer concerns has motivated IGI to develop comprehensive analysis and clear documentation for consumers. This empowers jewelry buyers to focus on finding precisely what they want, with full assurance in the integrity and quality of the IGI certification. A certificate from IGI represents the allimportant 5th C that no one should be without: Confidence. As the world's largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute for diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry, IGI is a standard of excellence for industry professionals and consumers around the globe. With education comes knowledge, as well as the confidence necessary to buy, sell and appraise jewelry. Each year, thousands of professionals and consumers enroll in IGI’s School of Gemology. These courses are the ultimate source for discovering the breathtaking world of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.

You can enroll at IGI's dynamic School of Gemology to build your career today. Whether you want to become a more confident buyer, a diamond grader, jewelry designer, sales professional or Graduate Gemologist, IGI's worldwide schools offer an unrivaled range of coursework, spanning everything from rough diamond grading to gemstones, pearls, modern treatments and computer-assisted jewelry design. The popular courses are those leading to the Graduate Gemologist (IGI, G.G.) Diploma, as this is one of the most widely recognized and accepted qualification in the industry. IGI also offers sales programs and seminars to companies that wish to offer their sales staff enhanced gemological knowledge so necessary for their sales presentation.

Issue XXI 2014
The Market of Choice in the Middle

The Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX), established in 2005 as the region's first commodity derivatives exchange, has become the leading derivatives exchange in the Middle East. DGCX is majority owned by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), a strategic initiative of the Government of Dubai, with a mandate to enhance commodity trade flows through the Emirate by providing the appropriate physical, market, financial infrastructure and services required. DGCX's range of futures contracts offers participants of the physical commodities markets, such as producers, manufacturers and end users, a sophisticated means of hedging their price risk exposure. In addition, DGCX offers trading opportunities to financial communities and investment houses in the Middle East and around the globe that wish to access the growing asset class of commodity and currency derivatives.

DGCX has more than 260 members and 84 clearing members from a range of financial centres such as Zurich, London, Chicago, Singapore, Mumbai and Karachi, as well as the UAE. The DGCX's goal is to ensure that DGCX is the ‘market of choice’ in the region, by listening to the needs of both existing and new market participants to provide the contracts that they wish to trade. DGCX volumes have grown consistently, driven by its ability to offer liquid, competitively priced and easily accessible products within a safe and secure trading environment. DGCX experienced strong growth in the first eight years of operation, with year on year volumes increasing by 48% in 2007, 26% in 2008, 32% in 2009, 28% in 2010,110% in 2011, 143% in 2012 and 43% in 2013.

Issue XXI 2014
Trading on DGCX: DGCX range of futures contracts offers participants of the physical commodities markets, such as producers, manufacturers and end users, with a sophisticated means of hedging their price risk exposure. Such price risk management has previously been unavailable to producers in the Middle East. In addition, DGCX offers trading opportunities to financial communities and investment houses in both the Middle East and around the globe who wish to access the growing asset class of commodity and currency derivatives.
  • Guaranteed settlement and reduced counterparty risk provided by Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation (DCCC), a subsidiary 100% owned by DGCX
  • The advantage of transacting and clearing business within the UAE and thus the local taxation and regulatory regimes
  • A simple fee structure - one fee for all participants. All participants also pay the same margin, whether commercial or noncommercial entities
  • An opening to both regional and international liquidity pools
  • Robust risk management and surveillance systems
  • Uninterrupted trading hours from 7:00am – 11:30pm (GMT +4)
  • Regulated by the Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA)
  • DGCX offers a range of products from the metals, petrochemicals, equities and currencies.
  • Emerging Exchange of the Year Award for 2013 by FOW
  • Best technology Innovation by an Exchange Award 2013 by FOW
  • Runner-Up for the Asian Exchange of the Year 2013 by FOW
  • Exchange of the Year 2013 by Global Investor/ISF (Euromoney)
  • Best Global Commodities Exchange 2012 & 2013 by GBFR
  • FOW Contract of the Year 2012
  • FOW 2nd Fastest Growing Exchange 2012

Issue XXI 2014
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