WDMF and Turkish Jewellery Exporters Association sign MoU, launch World Diamond Magazine at Istanbul Jewellery Show

The World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDMF), and the Turkish Jewellery Exporters Association (JTR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding during a joint press conference held to announce the stepping up of cooperation between the WDMF and JTR.

The MoU was signed in the presence of other Turkish partners, such as Borsa Istanbul and HRD Antwerp Turkey. At the press conference, the partners also introduced a new, joint international diamond and jewellery trade magazine, named the World Diamond Magazine.

The cooperation with JTR comes in the wake of a recent agreement with Borsa İstanbul of Turkey to implement the programmes of the World Diamond Mark in Turkey. More


WTOCD grants Coborn license for its new polishing machine

After several positive polishing tests made on industrial super hard materials (PCD, CVD, MCD, pcBN) Coborn Engineering Ltd decided to acquire a license for WTOCDs’ patented grain independent polishing technology.

That license will extend existing technological cooperation between WTOCD and Coborn with the machining of diamonds materials for industrial applications. The exclusive license will be granted as of January 2015 and forms a key technological input for a new polishing machine. The machine will complement the existing Coborns’ product portfolio allowing up to 12 times faster machining of diamond based industrial super hard materials. Commercialization of the first machines working with the new technology is expected to take place at beginning of 2016. More


GIA Field Gemologists Gain Insight into Zambian Emerald Mining

Kafubu region is home to the world’s largest emerald mining operation.

In September 2014, a team of Gemological Institute of America field researchers journeyed to Zambia to collect emerald samples for Institute’s gem identification database and to document the current state of Kagem, the world’s largest emerald mine, located in Kafubu mining area. Since Gemfields, the publicly-traded gemstone mining company, acquired the open pit mining operations six years ago, ore mining has increased from 3,000 to 8,000 tons per month and rock handling has increased from 125,000 to 750,000 tons per month. By combining an understanding of the geology with professional mining methods, Gemfields has turned Kagem into a profitable operation. More