Positive rough diamond trade figures in November, polished numbers down

November trade figures of the Antwerp diamond sector illustrate two tendencies. On the one hand, we see that the trade in rough diamonds was very good, as compared to last year. On the other hand, the lower figures for polished diamonds show that the market is under pressure. In general terms we observed that more goods were traded in 2014 as compared to 2013.

The rough diamond trade figures increased year on year for the period of November. On the import side we note a rise of 15,8% in volume and 14,08% in value. Most diamonds imported last month came from the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, we observed a significant year on year upturn in the volume of goods coming from Canada. The export of rough diamonds also increased as compared to November of last year, with a 27,04% volume and 9,29% value boost. More


Alrosa signs direct supply of Rough with 12 “select” companies in India

Banks voice defaulters setting precedents for the industry, calls for transparency
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, announced the acceptance of the industry’s proposal for a Special Notified Zone that will help miners bring roughs on consignment basis display and book orders from local buyers. GJEPC proposes to conduct weekly auctioning of rough diamonds in collaboration with Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) at Mumbai. The main objective is to provide producers direct access to Indian market and vice versa.

Russia’s Alrosa finalized three year contracts for direct rough supply to 12 Indian diamond companies beginning 2015. The agreements were signed by Illya Raschin, Acting President of Alrosa with the respective heads of each of the companies in the presence of Mr Siddharth, Joint Secretary, Dept. of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. More


Industry organizations pledge unequivocal support to WDC and its mission

Members of the WDC, gathering in Delhi, India, for an informal meeting, have issued a statement emphasizing their strong and unequivocal support of the WDC's mission and its leadership position in the struggle against conflict diamonds.

"In response to the various reports in the media about the WDC, we wish to reiterate that we value the role the WDC plays in the Kimberley Process and, by extension, the meaningful role of the KP in the global diamond industry and trade. We therefore call attention to the WDC's mission statement and reconfirm and pledge our continuous and full support to the WDC and its objectives," the statement notes. The WDC mission statement says as follows: "The primary objective of the WDC is to represent the diamond industry in the development and implementation of regulatory and voluntary systems More