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Rapaport forced to suspend price list after revolt from diamond companies.
72% members favored suspension through a vote

When diamond industry members are sitting on stocks of goods that they obviously cannot sell, the recent decision by Martin Rapaport of the Rapaport Group to reduce the prices of goods on his pricelist was extraordinarily insensitive and ill-timed. The diamond trade has been trying for some years to reach an accommodation with Rapaport over when and by how much he reduces the prices of goods. Despite agreeing to consult with the trade in the past before making announcements, this has all come to nought.
There has been a furor and some kind of a revolt following Rap’s decision to reduce prices by 5-9%, with the average being an estimated 7%. He offered a public vote on his decision and an offer to suspend publication of the list until May, and that was overwhelmingly requested by people who took part in the vote – with the vote being 78-22 in favour of suspension.

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Albert Robinson
Vice President-International Business
The New Jeweller International Media Group

GSI Cautions of “Treatment Imitation” in Lab-Grown Diamonds

Recently, Gemological Science International’s (GSI) Mumbai laboratory identified HTHP lab-grown diamond with what appeared to be laser drilled channel. GSI researchers and scientists observed and studied this diamond since it would be highly unusual to laser drill a lab-grown diamond. Upon closer examination, the “laser drill channel” was found to be a typical HTHP inclusion that was cut

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Promoting Platinum Metal to the World

Although many of our readers are aware of the platinum jewelry market, they may not all know about the work of Platinum Guild International. Could you give us some background information

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